Cape Town

If you are having a hard time deciding if you are a mountain girl or a beach girl, go visit Cape town. You got the sun, the sand, the sea and the glorious mountains, so why choose?. I had an absolutely wonderful mini vacation in Cape Town with my sister, brother in law and his family. I am not much of a hiker but the hike to the those beautiful rock pools and soaking in the beauty of nature was worth it. Also, I was nagged about being a princess (which I am NOT) kept pushing me. The view from the table mountain was breathtaking and I loved the visit to the Penguin colony at stony point which is home to African penguins even though we feared we would be blown away – a storm was brewing. By the way did you know that seals have fur/hair on them? I didn’t know until I petted one of them who was casually chilling by the bay. Adorable creatures.

So, anyway, I had a fabulous 7 days trip to this beautiful city, had some delicious home cooked meal , binged on barbecue nights and tasted some yummy sea food platter. If you ever go to cape town, stop by Ocean basket for seafood. It’s kind of a big deal there.

PS : All images are raw.

Photos : Sulakshana Borthakur|Sukanya Borthakur|Wesley McFarland

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