Wandering in Fall

I love fall. Every single thing about fall! It brings in the misty mornings and early winter chills as the leaves turns into their vibrant colors. The rare moments that make me miss layering up in Birmingham. Did I say rare moments? I miss it all the time. I love layering. It’s interesting to see the contrasting colors and fabric textures merging into each other. Since I live in Mumbai now, the weather doesn’t allow me to sport fall fashion but we can all create our own versions. I like to stick to muted and monotones, sometimes I indulge in a cheery pop of color. From a bomber jacket to a light trench, we can add these staples in our wardrobe and enjoy wandering in fall.

There is something mesmerizing about the morning light that has been captured so beautifully. The perfect natural light that Havra sought after. My favorite would be the one sitting inside the café where I love the contrast of my bright yellow jacket against the muted tones. While Havra likes the one in the white ensemble wherein the lights and shadows play a role in making a picturesque frame. My day shooting this story was nothing short of fabulous, as my team continued their creative brainstorming while we wandered around the city falling in love with fall.

Photographer : Hawra Hajoori

MUA : Priya Lahon Das

Model | Styling : Sulakshana Borthakur

Concept : Sulakshana Borthakur|Hawra Hajoori

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