Behind The Seams

The cut of a cloth,
The hem of a dress,
The punching of a needle,
and the colourful threads.

Sew sew sew,
at the break of dawn,
Sew sew sew,
In the midday heat,
Sew sew sew,
Into the night

Their hands weary,
they sit there stitching,
Making and unmaking,
Fixing and unfixing,
Behind the seams.

This story is an ode to the garment weavers, the very people behind every seam and thread of a garment. Here’s to their long hours, dedication and hard work in bringing fabrics to life! For this shoot, I collaborated with the lovely designers of ‘The Right Cut‘ for their beautiful and vibrant collection on handwoven fabrics – Silk route.

All outfits by The Right Cut

Project : Bsulakshana X The Right Cut
Photographer : Hawra Hajoori
Concept | Styling | Model : Sulakshana Borthakur

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